If You Build It, They Will Thrive: How to Coach Your Team to Success

Pete Mohr
5 min readSep 25, 2022

The Great Resignation has turned into many things: a labour movement, a shift toward remote work, and a statement against toxic workplaces. Perhaps you joined the Great Resignation, leaving your 9–5 to pursue your dreams of entrepreneurship.

Or perhaps you’re a current business owner wondering why it’s so hard to keep employees.

In any situation, the Great Resignation has led many people to reexamine their career choices. And what it really comes down to is how well they feel aligned with their work.

As the saying goes, people leave people, not jobs. You may have done so, too. Now, as an entrepreneur, you want the right people for your business — and you want them to stick around!

My 5 Ps toward entrepreneurial freedom are Process, Product, Profit, People, and Purpose. The last two are closely related. When your people align with your purpose, they’re more likely to stay on your team. And I like the word “team” because as a people-focused business owner, you’re essentially their coach.

So, how can you coach your employees toward success? And during the Great Resignation, how can you avoid becoming a workplace that people want to leave?

People Leave People, Not Jobs

It bears repeating. Even if people enjoy the work itself, even if their skills match it perfectly, they won’t be happy if they feel unsafe or abused. The recent labour rights movement has led people to raise their workplace standards.

So, a toxic work environment won’t retain people for long — no matter how good the pay is. And even if workers don’t find it “toxic” per se, they don’t want to work with mean or manipulative bosses or coworkers.

The comedy film Horrible Bosses illustrates this concept. People can be brilliantly talented and earn good money. But one can only tolerate bad managers for so long.

The titular characters are extreme examples, for sure. However, there’s a reason they’re called “bosses” and not “leaders.”



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