Lead with Persistence

Pete Mohr
2 min readDec 5, 2023

Mastering Persistence
You’re doing a lot, aren’t you? Tackling obstacles, managing people, and just trying to get through the day without pulling your hair out. It’s not easy, but what if I told you that one simple trait can make all the difference? It’s persistence. Don’t roll your eyes just yet. I know it sounds basic, but hang with me.

The CALM Formula
In a recent podcast episode, I broke down persistence into something a bit more digestible. It’s an acronym called CALM: Commitment, Adaptability, Learning, Means.

  1. Commitment: Stick to your vision even when times are tough.
  2. Adaptability: Sometimes being committed means changing your strategy.
  3. Learning: Learn from your mistakes. It’s where the most growth happens.
  4. Means: Work with what you got. Be resourceful.

A Quick Exercise
Grab a pen. No, seriously, grab a pen. Write down three challenges you’re facing right now. Got ‘em? Now write a possible solution next to each. It helps, doesn’t it? Sometimes just jotting down the problem and potential fixes is all you need to start moving forward.



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