Podcasting for Entrepreneurs: Storytell — Don’t Sell

Pete Mohr
6 min readSep 6, 2022

Podcast platforms can and often should be a central part of your marketing. They help you build subject authority and grow awareness of your expertise. This spreads word of your name with the audience.

Let’s talk about why people love podcasting. There’s some interesting benefits from being a guest on many podcasts. Then we’ll end with tips for those out there who are new to being a guest on podcasts.

Why We Create And Listen To Podcasts

Podcasting has experienced a huge increase in relevance during the last decade. The medium gives many people a new way to connect with others they didn’t have before. They can get recognition, tell a story and show their value to the world.

The hosts and guests of a podcast use them to show knowledge and expertise in a subject. They gain trust from their audience, who start to see those people as informed and wise. This becomes a desire to follow their other exploits and learn from them.

Anyone searching for ways to advertise their brand can always start a podcast. The rewards can be bigger than most people expect. One great episode helps you get known by wider audiences who will come check you out.

We tend to first think of big and innovative methods, right? Yet creating those first few episodes requires a small investment. All that most people need is some simple software or an app.

People seek out podcasts that are hyper-focused on a niche or big idea they care about. They listen to stay informed on that area of their interest.

The Call To Action at the end of a podcast is important to give the audience straightforward ways to learn more. These should send listeners to a website where they can get involved. Consider that your audience may want to become dedicated followers.

What people love most is a story. They want a world and people which they can find relevant. They like watching something grow from nothing to become great.

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