Six Words That Can Change Your Life

Pete Mohr
3 min readNov 30, 2021

So often in life, we find ourselves feeling trapped. Sometimes our journeys are interrupted by obstacles or roadblocks. Other times, it can feel like the path we chose is completely wrong, like we’re halfway up a ladder we’re just now realizing we don’t want to climb.

It’s easy to get caught up in the negativity, self-doubt, and hopelessness that challenging circumstances can bring. In these low moments when we’ve bought into the narrative that everything is wrong, bad, and broken, how can we unhook ourselves from the downward spiral before it drags us down further?

There are six little words that can completely reset the trajectory of your mindset.

“Up until now,” and, “from now on.”

Let’s give it a try. Try to tune into a past experience, or maybe something you’re going through right now, that you just can’t seem to move forward from.

First, honor the truth of what has already happened. Say out loud, or to yourself, that “Up until now,” life hasn’t been going all too well. Acknowledge your inner complaints — whether they be about your family, your work life, or even yourself. Come to terms with the fact that you’ve been stuck. But here’s the important part — don’t stop there.

Draw a line in the sand. Finish your sentence with, “from now on…” and then consider what great things could be true in the future, what new and better realities you could create. Who knows what could happen going forward? The point is — the past is the past, but it isn’t permanent. The real question is, what are you going to do about it now?

Applying the Six Words

The reason this technique works, is because you’re staying realistic. You’re not trying to trick yourself into believing that the past has been perfect — you’re just putting it behind you so that a new chapter can be opened. You’re changing the channel, opening up a new lane, and remaining optimistic. You’re taking the power to change your future back into your own hands.

On an individual level, these six words can help you break out of a loop. For those…

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