The 6 Key Areas That Drive Momentum

Pete Mohr
3 min readMay 25, 2020


As businesses are starting to re-open, you might be finding yourself navigating the “new normal” and figuring out what steps to take forward. You may be feeling confident about your reopening plan or struggling to escape the re-set that your business had to undergo. Either way, the Wheel of Momentum can help you to overcome your new challenges.

Let’s take a look at the six key areas that feed into momentum. These areas reflect your current capacity to meet your business goals, and they flow into each other to help your business pick up momentum. Of course, the pandemic shoved many of our businesses toward the top of the wheel, meaning that we are in a state of uncertainty.

Here’s the Wheel of Momentum:

Depending on where you are right now with your opening, you may be in the early stages of this wheel. Hopefully, you’ve worked through the Clarity of what the new normal is for your team and clients. Perhaps you’ve stopped at the Confidence stage of the Wheel of Momentum. Perhaps you’ve only just regained Clarity about your next steps after shutting down for COVID-19.

Ideally, though, you’ve moved into the Competence stage of the wheel. Being shut down may have given you a fruitful opportunity to expand your competencies. For example, did you enhance your ability to manage your team remotely? Did you become a master of the virtual conference? Indeed, one of the biggest competencies that have been garnered through this time in the business world is the ability to communicate virtually through these sorts of mediums. That is going to lay out a huge difference for you in your business as well, as you move ahead.

Plus, it’s just so much more challenging to connect with customers or clients without talking to them in person. If you’ve been able to do this without being in the same room as your audience, whether through social media or even through virtual communication, kudos to you. You’ve innovated new solutions for your business. What other competencies have you garnered?

Collaboration is the next one. What new collaborations and cooperations have you developed during this difficult time, and how can you maximize those in order to grow your business? Some of your new competencies are going to help you build better collaborations — even with people around the world.

From there, you may have moved on to Capacity. That might pose some tough questions: do you have the capacity to bring your team back in person? Can you work on growing your business? Should you invest in SEO or advertising? How are you going to reallocate some of those capacities that have gone out of use? How are you going to allocate — or reallocate — your office?

And that’s where we can really jump in and hop on to the final phase, Creativity. Can you innovate new solutions? What will shake loose from your new collaborations?

The great thing about the Wheel of Momentum is that by knowing your current state, you can assume what’s coming up next. So, you can be looking for those different things along the Wheel of Momentum. That’s why the wheel works; you’re moving into a more energetic phase, even if you’ve experienced a setback such as due to COVID-19. I hope that this helps clarify a little bit of how everything’s going during the pandemic and that your business is surviving and will thrive in the months and years to come.



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