To Be or Not to Be: Redefining Our Roles as Entrepreneurs

Pete Mohr
5 min readSep 18, 2022

What do you do? Many of us were raised to define ourselves by our professions. But what if our profession isn’t easily described?

After all, you’re not just an “entrepreneur.” But saying you’re a “retail store owner” or “personal trainer” doesn’t quite cover it, either.

Your situation is complicated. And that can make it difficult to expand your professional network. When you’re at a networking meet-up and you hear the inevitable question, “What do you do?” you may not know what to say.

As an entrepreneur, you must prove your subject matter expertise while connecting with your ideal audience. To make the greatest impact, define more than “what you do.”

Define how you do it and who you are. From there, it’s much easier to make valuable connections — and avoid that awkward conversational pause!

Find Clarity For Yourself, Not Just Your Team

If you’ve read some of my other articles, you know I’m big on clarity. You must clarify your business’s key promise and purpose, so that you can develop competence that leads to confidence.

And as a leader, you must clarify these elements for your team as well. That way, you can gain their buy-in and help them perform their best.

But clarity isn’t just for your business’s logistics or processes. You need it, too!

Clarify what you do in terms of the impact you make. As an entrepreneur, your endeavors may not fall into typical job categories. And that’s okay!

Instead of trying to find a single word that defines your work, describe your efforts in detail. Who do you help? Which niche(s) do you serve? How do your unique attributes support your enterprise?

This can take some time as you break out of those widely accepted categories. Entrepreneurship requires a mindset shift from “worker” to “creator,” from “job” to “goals and responsibilities.”

So you may not immediately know the language to describe your endeavors. That’s…



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