Unlock the Power of a Strong Promise: How to Build Your Business, Increase Profit and Win Over Customers”

Pete Mohr
3 min readJan 26, 2023


Are you tired of feeling frustrated and stuck in your biz? Well, I’ve got some good news for you. I’ve come up with a framework called the Freedom Model and it uses 5 P’s that can help turn those frustrations into freedoms. And the first one of those P’s is all about your promise.

Your promise is the core of your business. It’s what your brand is all about and what value you can bring to your clients. Some people think that it’s the same as your mission or vision, but those are more inward facing elements, the Promise is outward facing. So, it’s important to invest some time into crafting a promise that you’re proud of. But how do you do that? Let’s start by answering some key questions:

What is a promise? What value can your brand bring a client? What pain point can you solve for them? Why should they work with you?

These are the things that your promise should encapsulate. Think about your favorite brands and how they have a winning promise. For example, Patagonia promises durable outdoor wear that also promotes sustainability. Blue Apron promises affordable meals you can cook at home with healthy ingredients.

We own shoe stores called Shoetopia and our promise is to help our clients. “Look Great, and Feel Fantastic”. With Simplifying Entrepreneurship, where I help coach business owners, it’s to “Turn Your Frustrations into Freedoms”.

The Promise is at the very heart of your business and all other key elements must be aligned (here’s where the other 4 P’s come in — The Product, Process, People and Profit). Here’s a Heart model for Shoetopia that visually shows the Promise in the very heart of everything else.

Now, let’s learn how to make a promise for your unique business.

First, remember that everybody buys a better life. So, figure out how buying from your business can improve people’s lives. Whether it’s a juicy steak, a fancy mansion, or a heated pool, people make purchases for a reason. Your promise should tell your client how you can take them from where they are (the pain they are currently feeling), to where they want to be.

Next, figure out what sets you apart from your competitors. Once you’ve researched the problems your clients are having and figured out how to promise them the solution, you need to show them why they should choose your brand. What makes you different and better than any of your competitors? Your promise should paint a clear picture in their minds of the journey you’ll take them on.

Finally, make sure you deliver on your promise. Get the language right and really communicate a positive feeling with your promise. If you can execute what you’ve promised your clients, you’ll gain their trust and become their go-to brand. Take them all the way to their ‘better life’.

A couple of questions to ask yourself are:

Is my promise still relevant? Has my promise changed over time? How can I tweak my promise to be better?

Your action step of the day is to optimize your promise. Clarify the wording if needed so that you can market as effectively as possible and reach the right people. A strong promise is something you can build your business on, market on, buy your inventory on, align your process on, and choose all of your people on. All of this will create a system in which you can finally boost your profit. And with profit comes great freedom!

But it all starts with ultimate clarity around the promise.

The insights in this blog post are based on an episode of my new podcast, Business Owner Breakthrough!

For help on developing the promise for your buisness, simply book in a freedom call with Pete Mohr at www.speaktopete.com to learn more about his programs to help turn your frustrations into freedoms!



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